1.1 Business Activity

1. What is a Business?

=> Identify inputs, outputs and processes of a business.

Business: Decision-making organization involved in the process of using inputs to produce goods and/or services.

Inputs: Resources which a business uses in the production process. e.g. labour, raw materials.

Outputs: Goods and services produced from the business process.

2. Business functions - Production/operations, Marketing, Finance, Human resources/personnel.

=> Describe how business activity combines human, physical and financial resources to create goods and services.

Businesses must integrate all departments in order to satisfy consumer wants and needs.

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(Source: http://www.ldp-solutions.com/Methodologies/VisioImages/LDPS%20-%20EEM%20Process%20Flow.png)

=> Explain the role of the different business departments in overall business activity.

Production/Operations: Convert raw materials into finished goods, ready to deliver to customers.

Marketing: Identify and satisfy consumer wants and needs.

Finance: Manage the organization's money.

Human Resources/Personnel: Manage the personnel of the organization.

3. Primary, secondary and tertiary sectors.

=> Explain the nature of business activity in each business activity of sector.

Primary Sector: Extraction, harvesting and conversion of land/natural resources.

Secondary Sector: Using raw materials and other resources for the manufacturing/construction of finished and useable products.

Tertiary/Service Sector: Provide service to private/corporate customers. e.g. bookstores.
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(Source: http://www.asrevision.co.uk/revision/business/foundations_of_business/business_sectors_Apple_iPod_2.jpg)